Are you stuffing your envelopes by hand?

How much time do you spend manually folding and inserting your mail? There are only so many hours in our work day and every hour down to minute has to count.


Memphis Communications Corporation is proud to present the DS-35 Office Friendly Folder Inserter Solution.  It simplifies and automates a variety of low-volume folding and inserting office mailings such as daily invoices, monthly statement runs, legal documents and other mailings.  Any small office or department within a company can benefit from this solution.

This machine is easy to use right out of the box. Simply load envelopes and documents, press start and produce a professional looking mail piece every time.

The DS-35 can be used on any desktop, so it’s always handy. Its intuitive touch-screen control panel makes every job set-up a breeze. Its ease-of-use, compact design and quiet operation make it an invaluable solution to help manage your outgoing mail.

This convenience beats manual folding, inserting and sealing hands down and is 10 times faster.  This can help free up more time so you can focus on other important tasks.

Try this product free for one week by contacting Joel Kiedis at 901-725-9271 or [email protected].


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