Solutions for Small Business’ Mailing Needs


Whether you process mail from your home, small office, or a larger business, Memphis Communications Corporation’s innovative products and services bring simplicity and efficiency to your business.

Reduce Mailing Costs
Guessing the correct postage amount usually results in using too many stamps. Print the correct postage right on the envelope or label every time and stop overpaying for stamps. Take advantage of postal discounts by using address validation and eliminate undelivered mail. You may also access USPS® discounted rates for commercial pricing, saving up to 17% on postage.

Enhance Your Image
Send the right message about your company with your mail. Your mailings can have a neat, metered indicia, a customized promotional message or company logo printed right on the envelope and clean document folds. You can even print QR codes right on the envelope. Your customers will notice.

Improve Communications
Ensure that the business-critical documents you send to your customers and prospects are professionally created, processed and mailed. By improving delivery speed and exactness, you can improve your company’s cash flow through quicker deliveries and responses.

Increase Mailing Efficiency
With office resources already stretched thin, automating the mailing process reduces the amount of time it takes to prepare mailings.

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