Is your School’s Security Sufficient to Ensure the Safety of Students?

Sending your child off to school each day comes with a worried rash of thoughts that once weren’t as present. Will my child be safe during the hours that he or she is in the hands of school staff? While you may be asking yourself this question, school administrators are asking themselves the same. Am I prepared for a security threat or emergency?

We have seen for more than a decade unimaginable things happening in schools with children and staff being injured or worse losing their life too soon. The irrational thoughts of a troubled person cannot always be controlled, but the safety measures we take to ensure that needed preparation has been taken in the event of a dangerous situation is something we can.

Memphis Communications Corporation is a trusted advisor for school security and has been installing safety and security solutions in the Memphis area for over 40 years. Security Solutions are steadily evolving and becoming more advanced than could have ever been imagined years ago.

Closed Circuit Security Cameras are a proven behavior modification tool. As well as they can supply situational awareness for teachers and administrators to prevent security threats and give first responders a way to assess dangerous situations as they unfold. This can even be done remotely by accessing your cameras to view live video using your Android or iPhone.

Another safety measure to take for your facility is the installation of a card access system. This allows the control of an instant lockdown of all doors in the event of a threat. Card access also gives the control of who goes where and when.

These advancements can bring an intimidation factor for someone who wants to ramp up security but doesn’t know where to begin. Let one of our trained staff help create peace of mind and tailor a Security Solutions plan that is right for you and your facility.

For more information and a consult, please contact MCC today via the web or by phone.

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