How to Be Heard Throughout Your Healthcare Facility

Are you being heard when you need to be? At any given time, while walking through a healthcare facility, you will hear someone being paged or an announcement being made. Is this announcement clear? Did you understand what the voice on the other end said?

No matter the size or type of facility you operate in and out of, you need to be equipped with a paging system that is top of the line in intelligence and clarity.

Memphis Communications Corporation offers a software technology that is Ethernet based. This is valuable to the user because endpoints can be installed anywhere throughout your business giving you more control. Interface and navigation is setup in an easy to understand platform that is similar to Windows®. This gives you the ability to monitor day to day use with quickness and an ease of understanding.

This software is ideal for not only Healthcare but the Transportation industry as well.

Connecting with Rauland-Borg nurse call systems is now available. This makes it possible to automate and prioritize paging and emergency messages directly from the nurse call system. It also makes hospitals quieter because pages go to designated zones instead of over the entire facility.

Compact microphone stations can replace existing jet way microphones in airports allowing gate attendants to make local gate pages. This new microphone technology also supports auto-repeat to save time

The latest products now have the ability to connect separate stations along a track, on a unified communication platform that sends compressed data files more efficiently.


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