Does your Toshiba have an e-Bridge Open Platform Connector for Google Docs?

Using Google has become a standard. It is now a normal part of our day as well as the way we communicate.

Google Facts
• Google Gmail user worldwide 170 million
• Google+ users over 20 million in 2 months
• USA mobile phone users are 234 million, Google share is over 40%.
• Chrome, over 20% of Browser share


What are Google Docs? Google Docs is Google’s “software as a service” office suite. These documents are web-based to include spreadsheets, drawings and presentations that allow users to edit the same file at the same time so you always have the latest version. The documents can be accessed and edited from anywhere at any time.

Memphis Communications Corporation can now offer you an Open Platform Connector for your Google Docs through your Toshiba Multi Function Printer (MFP). This is not a scan function but a service that allows customers to save and share their paper documents on the cloud immediately. The basic file format provided with this connector is a PDF but can been configured for use in 10 additional file formats such as Word, Excel, Text, etc.

Google manages your documents on their server / cloud allowing you to easily access and edit these documents in an easy to understand process. Also since Google is accessible from just about anywhere these documents can be managed via your iPhone, Android or tablet as well.

This service is fast, easy, convenient and cost effective.

For more information and consult, contact MCC today via the web or by phone.

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