Are you using an Interactive Whiteboard in your classroom yet?


Interactive Whiteboard technology can help bring your lessons to life. Teachers all over the world have already discovered the power that this technology can have in a classroom. It is helping their students learn more in a shorter amount of time. The technology also helps disengaged students re-engage with their learning; as well as help build confidence in those that are shy. Interactive Whiteboards are truly revolutionizing classrooms.

Here are just a few ways this technology grabs your student’s attention.
• Engaging students in a new topic or project by incorporating videos and animations into your classroom presentations, bringing subjects to life
• Testing students’ knowledge of previously covered topics by asking them to complete a sorting exercise or linking lines activity.
• Brainstorming – use the mind map template to engage the whole class in a brainstorming activity.
• Creating multi-modal presentations, using sound, text, and animation all on one page.
• Narration – narrate a story in an interesting way using a sound recorder and import or record your voice directly on to the page.
• Creating multi-modal projects using text, sound and animation, great for presenting a science experiment, for example.
• Developing math skills by using number lines and grids to work out sequences and patterns.
• Evaluating prose (for example a piece of poetry) as a class, highlighting key patterns and meanings with the annotation tools and using it as a basis for structuring a class poem using writing frames.
• Expanding students’ memories by using eye-catching and rich multimedia such as videos or interactive Flash activities as part of your teaching; for example, use videos to enhance your teaching of geography.
• Keeping students motivated and focused on a task for longer by using the whiteboard interactively, allowing all pupils to get involved in the lesson.

Interactive Whiteboards have the ability to help create learning environments which appeal to all learners much more easily than you might be able to without them. Their very nature allows kinesthetic, auditory and visual learning to happen all at once. When used well and with careful thought and planning they have the ability to empower teachers to produce lessons with a better pace, a tighter plan and a wider appeal.

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