Secure Your Office with Keyless Entry

Making sure your office is secure is a top priority. The security options available to providing your employees with a safe environment to work in and protecting your companies assets have moved far beyond a simple turn of the key. Keyless entry security systems provide you the business owner with total control of what is moving in and out of your business.

Handing over a hard copy of your key or losing a key can pose as a security risk to you and your business. Choosing a keyless entry pad that is accessed by a card can give you the ability to program where the card actually works. For instance, if you have employees that only work in one wing of your building, their card only allows them entrance into that designated door. Not only can you program which doors can be accessed, but you can monitor when cards are swiped letting you the business owner know if time management is a factor with your staff.

Keyless entry is appealing, compact, weatherized and vandal resistant making this system very suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. Cards that are used for accessing the system are available in various shapes and sizes in order to comfortably stay with you and your staff throughout the work day.

Moving your business in the direction of a safer work environment and ensuring the right amount of productivity helps you continually improve your operations.

For more information and a consult on which keyless entry system is right for your business, contact us via the web or by phone.


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