Postal Rate Increase Announcement

The United States Postal Service® has announced a rate increase for both competitive and market dominant products. The increase will include a 1-cent increase to the price of mailing a 1 oz. letter by First-Class Mail® and a postcard. The changes will be implemented on Sunday, January 27, 2013. For more information on postal rate changes, visit
Great News!!
Your current system includes unlimited Rate Updates, therefore you are not required to purchase an update but you do need to perform a “Generic Call”. We strongly suggest that you do the update now to avoid the chance of the server being busy. The system is programmed so the update will not change the postage amount until the date it is required.

Please follow the steps below or for a video tutorial visit our website link

Basic Steps to load rates:
1. Press the MENU button
2. Press the DOWN button until “Online Services” is highlighted
3. Press the OK button
4. Press the DOWN button until “Generic Call” is highlighted
5. Press the OK button
6. Several screens will be displayed as the machine performs the generic call
7. When the generic call is complete press the Back button several times to return to the homescreen.

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