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Source: 13 Cabling Messes That Will Haunt Your Dream – Corporate Tech Decisions


Although we’re living in an increasingly wireless world, cabling is still a major part of every company’s AV and IT technology concerns.

If you’ve ever worked with wiring before, you know how much of a pain it can be to tuck everything away nice and neat in the perfect spot. A lot of employees will take the time to make it look nice. Sometimes, however, you end up living in a cable nightmare.

If you don’t think wiring can be scary, you’ve never been in the trenches of a “takeover job.” You know the type. Your firm is brought in to fix a faulty installation or finish the work another firm wasn’t able to complete. You make your way to the server room and, well, it’s a horrifying mess.

On the dotcom-monitor blog, David Leonhardt lays out these 13 cable messes from server rooms that will haunt any who has entered for months to come.

Check out the gallery of 13 nightmarish cable messes.

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